INNOVA 1314i

INNOVA 1314i

The Photoacoustic Gas Monitor-INNOVA 1314i selectively measures a wide range of gases/vapors.

The selectivity is achieved through the use of optical filters.

By installing up to five filters the 1314i can measure the concentration of up to five component gases and water vapor.

The accuracy of the measurements is ensured by the 1314i's ability to compensate for temperature and pressure fluctuations, water vapor interference, and interference from other gases known to be present.

Detection limits are gas dependent but typically in the ppb range.

The 1314i can be combined with a Multipoint Sampler-INNOVA type 1409 to extend the capability by delivering air samples from up to 24 measurements locations.

The 1314i can be equipped with an Analog/Relay Interface Module .

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